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Works in Progress: Budd Hopkins Biography

We’ve got a few projects in progress at String Theory Films, including a biography documentary about the artist and UFO researcher Budd Hopkins.

This project was put on hold when Ariel Phenomenon was presented to Nickerson as a project, and awaits funding for completion. 

View the sampler video here and if you enjoy it, donate *here* to String Theory Films for current and future project support on the topic of UAP documentary production.

Streaming Platform Release

Film releases on iTunes, Apple TV, Google Play, You Tube, and Amazon Prime Video Direct

Now available on iTunes and Apple TV, Google Play and You Tube, and Amazon Prime Video Direct in the US & UK for $9.99 to purchase.

Always available for rent & purchase on our website, where subtitles are available in 8 languages. $7.99 rental / $8.99 purchase.

Here’s a list of countries for the first release date, though Spanish-speaking countries will be added to the list very soon afterward:

Google Play / You Tube:

USA – Canada – Great Britain – Ireland – Malta – Australia – South Africa – New Zealand


Anguilla – Antigua and Barbuda – Argentina – Armenia – Australia – Azerbaijan – Bahamas – Belarus – Belgium – Belize – Bermuda- Bolivia – Botswana – British Virgin Islands – Brunei – Bulgaria – Cambodia – Canada – Cape Verde – Cayman Islands – Chile – Columbia – Costa Rica – Cyprus – Czechia – Denmark – Dominica – Dominican Republic – Ecuador – El Salvador – Estonia – Eswatini – Fiji – Finland – Gambia – Greece – Grenada – Guatemala – Guinea-Bissau – Honduras – Hungary – Indonesia – Ireland – Israel – Laos – Latvia – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Malaysia – Malta – Mauritius – Mexico – Micronesia – Moldova – Mongolia – Mozambique – Namibia – Nicaragua – Niger – Norway – Panama – Paraguay – Peru – Philippines – Poland – Portugal – Saint Kitts and Nevis – Slovakia – Slovenia – Spain – Sri Lanka – Sweden – Tajikistan – Trinidad and Tobago – Turkmenistan – Uganda – United Kingdom – United States – Venezuela – Vietnam – Zimbabwe

Amazon Prime Video Direct:


DVDs, Blu-ray Preorders, and Merchandise Available!

DVDs and preorders of Blu-ray disks now available here!

Please note that this first run of DVDs does not have subtitles or closed captions. Blu-ray available for pre-order only, delivery in late January 2023.

Merchandise now available here! T-shirts, caps, hoodies and much more. 

Premiere Weekend

October 7 & 8

Academy of Music Theater, Northampton, MA

We celebrated the world theatrical premiere of “Ariel Phenomenon” on Oct. 7 and 8! It was a full house on Saturday’s headline event, followed by an informative panel discussion with director Randall Nickerson, Supervising Editor and Co-Writer Christopher Seward. Joining us online was bestselling author and paranormal advocate Whitley Streiber, and Ariel School scene investigator Gunter Hofer! You can watch the recorded version of this on the Martin Willis’ Live Shows You Tube channel.

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93.9 WRSI The River – Interview with the Director Randall Nickerson and Supervising Editor Christopher Seward  10/6/22

101.5 WHMP Interview with Randall Nickerson 10/7/22

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